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Click here to check out the upcoming events at Rain City Poetry Slam!  We have an open mic and poetry every Wednesday at Jai Thai on Broadway at 8pm.

January 24, 2017

The Movement

by Ariel Helena   We have the word LGBTQIA. Everyone complains about the silent letters But one day at work I heard someone yell “Faggot” Followed by the sound of something crashing into metal. I locked the doors and hid under my desk.   The older queers say “be afraid no more, because the world … Continue reading “The Movement”

January 17, 2017

Day 9.

by Wil Gibson When wrong is the wrong word sometimes I say broken. It isn’t that I think they mean the same thing. I know they mean the same thing. The third floor has never been a penthouse. This one feels like the Taj Mahal. I am told the Taj Mahal was built to impress … Continue reading “Day 9.”

January 11, 2017

“Origin Story”

by Brian McCracken   My name is Adam.   for 200 millennia I lived as the other beings did, hand to mouth, tracking game for days, wasting time with sloth, leisure and sunshine. I made no attempt to master my environment.   10 millenia ago I discovered agriculture. And some say it was Eve found … Continue reading ““Origin Story””

January 10, 2017

Teaching Poets Apply Here: Poetry-Education Partnership

It has long been the goal of Rain City to focus our energy on education and community engagement; while the competitive slams give our venue life (and aren’t. going. anywhere anytime soon), it is very exciting for us to announce the first-ever Rain City Teaching Fellowships in partnership with Renton Academy. Our partners at the Academy welcome a … Continue reading “Teaching Poets Apply Here: Poetry-Education Partnership”

January 3, 2017

“And they say it is politics”

by Joshua Koets   And they say it is politics That I should have known Had I known We could have avoided this This rigged ritual of repetition They cite sources Years and years of sources And family stories And how they have always been invested In this vicious vestige This violent vernacular This popular … Continue reading ““And they say it is politics””

December 3, 2016

To Grow as a Community

Dear Rain City Community, After a long period of reflection, and much work to determine exactly what we wanted our rules and bylaws to reflect, we are excited to say we have finally ratified our official bylaws.  These bylaws represent the logical next step as our nonprofit arts community “grows up,” and we hope you … Continue reading “To Grow as a Community”

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