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Click here to check out the upcoming events at Rain City Poetry Slam!  We have an open mic and poetry every Wednesday at Jai Thai on Broadway at 8pm.

March 21, 2017

Keep up

by Ida Kemper   Or how my perspective of growing up younger than a brother With a single Jewish mother in The 80’s shaped my gender-based personal expectations About myself, life, the universe and the unending feeling I am doing everything wrong. Or Childhood lessons from Growing up in an alternative family How to be … Continue reading “Keep up”

March 16, 2017


by Shanna Alden What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? Like, the kind that hangs from mud-daubed nests off lakeside cliffs If I knew I might be able to estimate how long It would take one to fly 1200 miles to me With a beakful of honeysuckle Or mesquite and mistletoe Could one … Continue reading “Untitled”

March 6, 2017

“Did you know that when I eat broccoli I’m eating the sun?”

by Huimin Wan   When the sun submerges itself in spinning And the other room inhabitants close their eyes, The sun eats a sliver of me.   My focus is but a shooting star— Glaring and fleeting. My cape is still not for flying, Only for huddling with each mouthful Of myself, Chunks too big … Continue reading ““Did you know that when I eat broccoli I’m eating the sun?””

March 2, 2017

Apply for Rain City’s FINAL 2017 Teaching Fellowship

  Continuing Rain City’s long-term goal to focus on education and community engagement, and following our Teaching Fellowships at Renton Academy and Cornish College, we are very excited to announce the final Rain City Teaching Fellowship for 2017 in partnership with the student groups of Seattle University. The latest fellowship emerges from a partnership with Seattle U. … Continue reading “Apply for Rain City’s FINAL 2017 Teaching Fellowship”

February 28, 2017

Dear Jenifer Lawrence

After Eurydice by Marianna White   I wonder what you thought the morning you saw yourself splayed wide against headboard chest thrust forward legs bound to dark wood,   A table of lips and calf perfectly set how your speech was forgotten in the density of your meat,   The stopwatch of your body   … Continue reading “Dear Jenifer Lawrence”

February 21, 2017

If That Deacon Talks Shit About Your Tats Again, I’ll Cut Him And Write My Prison Memoirs

(Or: Two Hoodlums Hiding In The Shed With Luther) by Robert Lashley   Your columns and crosses— your errant birds— your neon patches and hidden words: I know no gods but them now.           I’d be a fool…. to ev…ver… change   Let god and man Have their contradictions of followers … Continue reading “If That Deacon Talks Shit About Your Tats Again, I’ll Cut Him And Write My Prison Memoirs”

February 19, 2017

Imani Sims Is Rain City’s Cornish College Teaching Fellow

The Rain City Poetry Slam community is beyond pleased to announce the next in our growing series of Rain City Teaching Fellows, who will lead the Slam and Spoken Word Poetry Workshop for the students of the Cornish College of the Arts.   Working in direct collaboration with Cornish’s Writing Center and its Inclusivity & … Continue reading “Imani Sims Is Rain City’s Cornish College Teaching Fellow”

February 14, 2017

Mary Poppins’ Bag

by Ms. Mac Someone took my purse, emptied its contents Across hardwood floor.   Items scurried into Far-off corners Under harsh fluorescent light. Tried to identify what to pick up first. What to leave trapped under Heavy cabinets.   Shook the bag so hard All the bits of dust And gum wrappers Float down and … Continue reading “Mary Poppins’ Bag”

February 7, 2017

Northern Light

by Jillian Christmas Stepping off the plane in Whitehorse The last thing I expect to see is home Imagining I might roam this great black north not quite alone but close enough. Chris points out the window “That’s Antoinette’s, Caribbean food if you’re feeling in need of a pick-me-up She’s from Tobago.” And I’m not … Continue reading “Northern Light”

January 31, 2017


by Ben Yisrael   Some say Poems should be seen, Not heard Tongues are not fists We shouldn’t Boom Box Words are kisses Let them speak for themselves Others know The majesty of a sentence Can shake you But there are periods When question marks are insufficient When one must make an exclamation point! When … Continue reading “Scream”

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