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Click here to check out the upcoming events at Rain City Poetry Slam!  We have an open mic and poetry every Wednesday at Jai Thai on Broadway at 8pm.

March 11, 2019

Poetry Prompt (Haiku Edition): Beginning

Happy Monday, Poets. Welcome to a new week. Lots of fresh ideas are ripe for exploring in your poetry this week. This week also happens to be the Haiku Deathmatch at Rain City Slam, and it’s recommended to come ready with a whole pocket full of Haiku poems. If you do not have any, it’s … Continue reading “Poetry Prompt (Haiku Edition): Beginning”

March 5, 2019

2019 Rain City Grand Slam!

Get your tickets for the Rain City Slam Finals! The legendary poet Wil Gibson will be featuring at this, our most fierce competition of the year! The top 8 poets from our qualifying tournament will be slinging their best 3 minute poems in a breathtaking night of poetry. The doors open at 6pm, and the … Continue reading “2019 Rain City Grand Slam!”

March 4, 2019

Poetry Prompt: List

Happy Monday, Poets!   We would like to welcome you into this week with a poetry prompt. This week’s prompt is List. This could be a list of things you love about someone, or it could be a list of things you hate. It could be a list of reasons to live or just a … Continue reading “Poetry Prompt: List”

March 2, 2019

Let’s Talk Writer’s Block

  So you are a poet. You do not just call yourself a poet – you are a poet. You’ve got notebooks stacked on notebooks full of scribbling, drawings, and lines on lines of poems. The Notes app on your phone contains mostly poems. You are not the person people would suggest the phrase Writer’s … Continue reading “Let’s Talk Writer’s Block”

February 25, 2019

Writing Prompt- System

Happy Monday, writers and readers everywhere. I greet you this afternoon with a writing prompt. This can be a poetry prompt, a short story prompt, a memoir prompt, or a journal prompt. It’s up to you. You are, however, welcome to bring the results of this prompt to our open slam, this Wednesday at Jai … Continue reading “Writing Prompt- System”

February 18, 2019

Poetry Prompt: Phase

Welcome to Rain City Slam’s Writing Prompt! Take this prompt and do whatever you like with it – chew on it for a while, write pages in your journal, think about it while you go on your morning run, and write a poem about it. The important thing about this prompt is not to judge … Continue reading “Poetry Prompt: Phase”

February 2, 2019

Would You Like To Be a Featured Poet?

Maybe you’ve wanted to be a featured poet up on the Rain City stage. Maybe speaking isn’t quite your thing, and you’ve been wanting to be recognized for the art inside of you. Listen up, poets! We’re holding a Poetry Contest. Details below.  We are seeking community submissions on all kinds of topics that will … Continue reading “Would You Like To Be a Featured Poet?”

December 27, 2017

Week-Long Elegy for Biggie

by Jay Ward   Monday was the worst day, the enormity of your body sprawled across the charts, everyone hears and scrambles for pall bearers strong enough to carry legacy. Now you live.   Tuesday sanctified you in all white like the dancers in the Mo’ Money video, ignored those mad ‘cause you flagrant, ‘cause … Continue reading “Week-Long Elegy for Biggie”

December 18, 2017

A dream in which I am present in my own body

by Ashlee Haze   I have spent my life living as a ghost in the shell of a woman in reverie, I exist in a space where I am present in my own body and here it does not belong to anyone but me this body, an erasure poem void of the praise I would … Continue reading “A dream in which I am present in my own body”

December 5, 2017


by Stephen Meads   There is a baby seal in my chest. I know this because as a younger pup I was clubbed to death. My friends, all convinced they could help protect my innocence while simultaneously introducting me to the world of bright light loudness and endless floes of breaking ice. I’m pretty sure … Continue reading “Tuns-of-Fun-Dra”

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