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National Poetry Slam Semifinal #1, ft. Jodie Knowles

November 1st, 2017 at 8:00pm
235 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102
Signups start at 7:00pm
$3 Entrance Fee

Come see some of the area’s finest poets compete for a slot on Rain City’s National Poetry Slam team!

The National Poetry Slam is a team-based competition where poets all over America compete in both group and individual poetry pieces. Cheer on your favorite poets as they attempt to secure a spot in this national competition!

About Our Feature

JODIE KNOWLES is a performance artist who critics have called “intuitively brilliant.” She has performed in numerous award-winning independent films, theatre productions, festivals, schools, prisons and institutions as a highly sought after female voice in and around the Seattle area and throughout the West Coast.  For the past 4 years she has researched and written a one woman show called ‘Learning Curve: Confessions of a Special Ed Kid’ debuting November 2018 in Seattle.  Learning Curve Is a Social Justice Theater piece that serves as an Artful Conversation Starter to bring awareness to the serious psychological effects of bullying, over medicating/diagnosing, student shaming and attention to the segregation of minds in our public school.  She is on a mission to help change the conversation of the LD/ADHD.


Learning Curve is a social justice theater piece that serves as an Artful Conversation Starter to bring attention to the school to prison pipeline, over diagnosing and medicating of youth with LD/ADHD, student shaming, stigma and marginalization and all that our society loses when we segregate creative minds from typical learners in our public schools.

After each performance audience members will be invited to reflect on how we might begin to collectively move forward toward inclusion, awareness and social change in the education system.


Rain City Slam is committed to safety in our community for all of our members. We ask that anyone entering our community in any capacity treat the audience, poets, venue staff, Rain City community members and featuring artists as equals. We refuse to permit any act of hate, violence or bigotry on or off our stage and microphone and will ban any person or persons involved in those acts. Any person whose safety has been threatened in any way should report the occurrence to a member of the Rain City Slam board. We will keep information confidential and anonymous and provide any support needed. Absolutely NO ONE is above this rule and inappropriate, dangerous, hateful or violent behavior is unacceptable for everyone.