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Our Third Team Qualifier, with Devin Devine!

November 7th, 2018 at 8:00pm
235 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102
Signups start at 7:00pm
$3 Entrance Fee

Want to win a spot on our team and go on a poetry tour next summer? Come to our third qualifier and bring your best poetry!

Poets will compete for a spot on our National Team. The top two in every Qualifier go on to the semifinals, and the top two of each Semifinal goes on to our Grand Slam in the spring!

But this year, what you win will be different. The top four poets in the Grand Slam will be our national team, and will get a special prize: a poetry tour of the west coast! We’ll be paying for transportation, hotels, and will arrange the venues. We’ll help you make chapbooks and any other merch that you want to sell if you want help. We’ll provide assistance to help you thrive during the tour. And hopefully you’ll come back from the tour having made new friendships and connections throughout the poetry community!

If the idea of a poetry road trip sounds awesome, come to our first qualifier this week and compete!

About Our Feature

Devin Devine is a writer, comedian, and touring performer from Spokane, Washington. One of the organizers for Spokane Poetry Slam and a member of Spokane’s 2015, 2017, and 2018 National Poetry Slam teams. She laughs and writes her way through issues of mental health, sexuality, sex positivity, and recovery. She is the author of three self-published chapbooks Feral Empathy, Crying on the Toilet, and her most recent Domestic & Fowl. devindevine.me for more information

Writing Circle at 6pm!

Before the slam, come to the writing circle – we’ll be at Jai Thai from 6pm-7pm, giving writing prompts and sharing our work in an attempt to help each other improve and get creative input! Drop in anytime before 7pm and join us!


Safety Statement

Rain City Slam is committed to safety in our community for all of our members. We ask that anyone entering our community in any capacity treat the audience, poets, venue staff, Rain City community members and featuring artists as equals. We refuse to permit any act of hate, violence or bigotry on or off our stage and microphone and will ban any person or persons involved in those acts. Any person whose safety has been threatened in any way should report the occurrence to a member of the Rain City Slam board. We will keep information confidential and anonymous and provide any support needed. Absolutely NO ONE is above this rule and inappropriate, dangerous, hateful or violent behavior is unacceptable for everyone.