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An NPS Qualifier with Matt Gano!

January 17th, 2018 at 8:00pm
235 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102
Signups start at 7:00pm
$3 Entrance Fee

We only have one more Semifinals until the biggest event of the year – the final competition for entry into the National Poetry Slam! If you want a chance to be on that final stage, you need to qualify to get into this last semifinal – and this is one of your last chances! Show up and bring your best work!

About Our Feature

Matt Gano is author of Suits for the Swarm, a poetry collection from MoonPath Press, and co-founder of the Seattle Youth Poet Laureate Program. Matt has been writing and teaching professionally since 2004. He currently works as Program Manager of The Fremont Abbey Arts Center, as writer-in-residence for Writers in the Schools (The Center School), and as a teaching artist for the Skagit River Poetry Foundation. Matt’s dynamic work has led to recent invitations as a panelist and featured poet for the Skagit River Poetry Festival, instructor for WRITE Doe Bay, and faculty member for the LiTFUSE writer’s conference. Matt has led creative writing residencies internationally at the Hong Kong School of Creativity, and in Seoul Korea for the Youth Creativity Summit. He represented Seattle at the National Poetry Slam multiple years and is a former Seattle Grand-Slam champion.

Matt’s poetry has appeared in City Arts Magazine, Drunk In a Midnight Choir, The Operating System Vol. 3., The Breadline anthology, Bestiary Magazine, and chapbooks: Up From the Mine, Bones For The Builder, Music Maker, Welcome Home, I Eight the Infinite and Art Barker, a poetry LP entitled “Music Maker,” and a live recording entitled “A Giant’s Pulse.”


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