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Request to Book as a Feature
Interested in featuring at the Rain City Poetry Slam? We need just a few things to get started! Please include an image for us to use for promoting you below, along with the bio that you want included on the site, and any information about dates that you'd have available! This will be sent to us, so that someone can contact you as soon as we can!
Please enter your name as you would want it to appear in our event pages!
We need this so we can get a hold of you! Please give a real email address, or we won't be able to confirm your booking.
Please remember that you are not officially booked until you receive a confirmation email from Rain City!
Please give a short, one to two paragraph bio. We need it for posting the event on social media! Remember that we will use your bio as-is, so write it in the third person perspective if possible.
We cannot book you for a feature without a bio!
Let us know when you'd prefer to feature! This will help us to book you. If you're flexible, you can let us know that as well.
Please give the URL for a valid image. Use imgur, and try to make it a large enough image that it will be useful as a banner on a Facebook event! Put the URL for that image here.
We cannot book you for a feature without a valid image.
Let us know here!