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Poetry Prompt- Happy Rex Manning Day


Happy Rex Manning Day, poets. Today’s prompt goes out to all of you Gen-Xer poets. Today might be a nostalgic day. Empire Records captured a time that doesn’t really exist anymore, lost in the waves of streaming music. Today’s poetry prompt – write something based on the movie. Who did you identify with more? Was it Corey and her naivety? AJ and his loose cardigan style? Or maybe it was Lucas and his affinity for sticking it to the man. Empire Records is on Netflix, poets, so log in and have a watch to relive the good old days.


To the poets who have not seen Empire Records, write a poem about your favorite CD. What got the most spins out of your discman? Did you listen on road trips or on the way to school? How easy was it for you to break your discman? Do you still have yours? When is the last time you played a CD?


Write away, millenial, Gen Z or Gen-X poet. We would love to hear the results of your writing at this week’s  Rain City Slam. This week is semifinals, but we will also have an open mic- sign ups start around 7:30pm and end close to 8. We hope to see you there!