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Celebrate National Poetry Month With Rain City Slam


Happy April, Poets! It is now officially National Poetry Month. Poets everywhere are scribbling frantically into their notebooks and there are numerous poetry events in your city. Celebrate National Poetry Month with Rain City Slam and cultivate a love for poetry with us! We will be posting 30 prompts this month, 1 per day, on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Follow us on those channels for the prompts. In the meantime, we will still be doing our standard weekly prompts on all channels throughout the week. You will be swimming in poetry inspiration, poet!


In the meantime, come to our weekly slams! Slams are a great way to cultivate a love and appreciation for poetry. Come to slam to listen to, love, and appreciate poetry, and then maybe share some of your own during either our open mics or our slams.


Also join us at Writing Circle, which we hold every Wednesday at 6pm at Jai Thai on Capitol Hill for writing tips and peer feedback.


This month is going to be a celebration of poetry. I challenge you to find a new favorite poet and a new favorite poem.


We hope you choose to celebrate National Poetry Month with us!