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Poetry Prompt: Convince Me of Something/Sonnet


Happy 10 Things I Hate About You anniversary, Poet. This also marks the anniversary of Kat Stratford’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 141.

You have two options this week, poet. Since it is day 1 of National Poetry Month, I’m giving you more to work with. You can either adapt any of The Bard’s sonnets into your own or you can write a poem (sonnet or not) convincing your audience of something.

Now, you may not be convincing the audience that you do or do not love them, but you may want to convince the audience that avocado on toast is a horrible way to start your day, or that bikes are overrated. Maybe you want to convince your audience that the floor is really just a sophisticated shelf. Have at it, poets, and enjoy!


We’d love to hear the results of this challenge at Writer’s Circle, 6pm at Jai Thai on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.