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Poetry Prompt: Overwhelmed


Happy Monday, Poets!


How do Mondays make you feel? Is there a pit at the bottom of your stomach on Sunday night, dreading the morning and logging into your emails? Do you want to get the week started, looking forward to an event during the week? Maybe you’re like many of us, a bit overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities.

Write about a time when you felt completely overwhelmed. How did you face that situation? How did your body react to being overwhelmed? What happened? Write about how you got through that situation, what the situation was,and how you’re stronger form it.

You can do what you like with this prompt, poet – freewrite in your journal, free-paint, think about it during your morning run, or keep it in your mind as you go on a photo walk. Do you play music? Keep it in your mind while you play. The spark will come if it’s given space. Write a poem about being overwhelmed, or talk about a situation that would overwhelm you should you encounter it.

We would love to hear what you’ve come up with at Writer’s Circle, 6pm on Wednesday at Jai Thai at Capitol Hill in Seattle. Get to writing, poets!