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Poetry Prompt (Haiku Edition): Beginning

Happy Monday, Poets.

Welcome to a new week. Lots of fresh ideas are ripe for exploring in your poetry this week. This week also happens to be the Haiku Deathmatch at Rain City Slam, and it’s recommended to come ready with a whole pocket full of Haiku poems. If you do not have any, it’s fine to just begin now. First off, let’s talk about what Haiku is.

Haiku is a form of poetry that began in Japan in the 17th century – it does not rhyme, it has 17 syllables, and it goes off of a 5/7/5 structure. At Rain City, we don’t mind where you group your syllables on the page, as long as your poem in it’s entirety is 17 syllables.

Haiku is like taking a snapshot if freeform poetry is painting. You want to describe the details around a specific feeling, thought, or event to impart the emotion rather than telling us how you feel. This is a good skill to have in all poetry, not just in Haiku.

We will be working with a few exercises on Haiku across all of our platforms this week, so if you aren’t following us on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr, do that now for more poetry inspiration.

This week, write about a time in your life when you were beginning, whatever that means to you. Maybe this means you will write about your freshman year of college, and maybe it means you’ll write about the year after you came out. For many of us, the prompt might focus on our first day in Seattle after moving here. Beginnings are a beautiful part of life, and it’s good to explore them in our poetry.

Have at it, poet. Bring your results to Writing Circle, at 6pm on Wednesday at Jai Thai. Their happy hour is from 4-6pm, so feel free to show up a bit early to score some $5 Pad Thai. During Writing Circle we will be sharpening our Haiku skills.

Have a good week, poet!