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Writing Prompt- System

Happy Monday, writers and readers everywhere.

I greet you this afternoon with a writing prompt. This can be a poetry prompt, a short story prompt, a memoir prompt, or a journal prompt. It’s up to you. You are, however, welcome to bring the results of this prompt to our open slam, this Wednesday at Jai Thai in Capitol Hill, Seattle. 


This week’s writing prompt is System.

You may be thinking of the system that keeps people from reaching their full potential, or the wonderful magic of our endocrine system. You might be thinking that toxicity is systemic. The sky is the limit, writers! Did you know that the ATC has a system of flight assignments put together so that airplanes don’t run into each other every day?

If nothing comes to mind, freewrite whatever comes to mind when you think about the word ‘system.’


Something will come to mind!


Get to writing, lovely poets, and bring your lovely work to our open mic this Wednesday at Jai Thai in Capitol Hill, Seattle.






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