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Would You Like To Be a Featured Poet?

Maybe you’ve wanted to be a featured poet up on the Rain City stage. Maybe speaking isn’t quite your thing, and you’ve been wanting to be recognized for the art inside of you. Listen up, poets! We’re holding a Poetry Contest. Details below.

 We are seeking community submissions on all kinds of topics that will are planning on featuring on our social media pages!


If you’re interested in having your poetry featured, send us your submissions until February 20th. Our fabulous judges will pick 3 winners to promote on the social media platforms and give out some awards!  

1 poem per entry, limit to 2 pages

Submission Methods:

Email: raincityslam@gmail.com

Our Facebook page

Our Instagram

Our Tumblr

Any topic is welcome; however, if it’s a sensitive topic a disclosure must be presented at the top or embedded in the email.

If you would like your work to include your name, please write how you would like to be referred to.

Make any email submissions subjects lines have the TITLE of your poem / Contest in them.

If sending on Instagram or Facebook please let us know what you would like the title to be called, your name and that you are submitting it to be evaluated.

We look forward to hearing your words, and looking at some amazing poetry! Winners will be notified before posting.






(Also, we’re BACK)