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Warriors’ Call

by Collin Edmonds

To all my warriors
Fight and don’t stop
Grab your weapons and armor and prepare for battle
Our enemy is tall but not impenetrable
For hundreds of years we have fought swing our swords and making precise cuts only to find they are not deep enough
But do not be discouraged
Swing harder call on the ancestors of our warrior clan to guide you, for strength, for comfort they will answer

To my warriors
Be brave
It may look like our enemy has won but hold steady
Forget logic and rely on instinct
Our pain maybe be 500 years strong but so is our strength, so is our dexterity, so is our will to survive, our will thrive
Our battle plan is ingrained in the fabric of our souls intertwined with the love and compassion of those who fought before us
So don’t worry

To my warriors
Remember to love yourself
We cannot fight for each other if we can’t fight for ourselves
But never do it alone
Before we are an army we are a family
And I will never leave my people behind I am here for you
We are here for you

So fight on my warriors
Raise your swords and spears high as we fight our way to victory
The day will come when we can lay down our arms and bathe in the soothing waters of healing
Though our wounds my close the scars will never completely fade
But be proud of your battle scars
For there is pride in knowing the fight for our freedom


Collin Edmonds, also known as “The Artist Formerly Known as Cornrow Collin,” is an activist, singer, and poet hailing from Richmond, CA. He is one third of the Rich Oak Alchemy Slam’s organizing crew. In his spare time he enjoys writing poetry, critiquing social norms, listening to loud hip hop music in affluent white neighborhoods, and shattering expectations of black men in America. His poetry touches on racism, mental illness, grief, and religion. He is currently pursuing a career in art and activism and plans to publish a chapbook by spring 2018.