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Open Board Member Position

Rain City is looking for a new member of their board. Board members lead and direct the slam, and also run Rain City projects such as outreach and education.


Job Expectations:

  • Attendance: scheduling is pretty flexible, as board members split responsibilities among themselves. However, board members are expected to attend at least two slams per month and attend one board meeting away from slam per month. Board members communicate via messenger and are expected to check in with the group chat daily.
  • Projects and Responsibilities: the duties of the board are split between members depending on their availability and interests. These can include:
    • Event management
    • Feature booking
    • Social media
    • Bout managing
    • Hosting
    • Marketing
    • Finance management and reporting
    • Education management (including weekly writing circles and classroom outreach)
    • Filming and editing slam
    • Volunteer coordinating
  • Communication: board members are expected to be able to work well with others and communicate clearly and professionally.

Rain City Poetry Slam prides itself on being a community of inclusion and safety. As such, we wish to have a diverse group in places of leadership. People of all abilities, ages*, ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations, and genders should feel encouraged to apply.


*Due to PSI regulations, board members must be 18 years of age or older.


Those who wish to apply should email raincityslam@gmail.com detailing why they feel they’d be a good fit for the position and what responsibilities or projects they’d like to take on as a board member. The deadline for these applications is September 8th.