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When you are lost

by Maisha Banks Manson


Check in: What does care look like?
Physically –  emotionally –  spiritually

Spirit: What are your prayers? Can you feel them in your bones?
Are they only whispered when you are lost?
Answer: the last time you felt your voice

        Veins:What are you feeling? Are you pouring yourself in or emptying yourself onto pavement?
Answer: the last time you heard water

        Bones:Where is your body?
When you are heaps on the floor crumpled? When you are sunshine?
Are you there, are you burned
Answer: the last time you felt ash

It has been put on too many shoulders to take care of yourself we are here
We will ask you “how are you?”

Maisha Banks Manson is a queer, gender non-conforming, black-identified artist, activist, teacher and writer. They have devoted their personal journey to self healing through reclamation of personal history, knowledge and empowerment as well as creating spaces for healing of others who are marginalized due to their race, gender, sexuality, religion, or economic status. Their creative work can be experience up and down the West Coast in open mics, theaters, stage but ultimately find home on the underside of napkins, or in the silence of an exhale.