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by Diante Taylor


Living is part of the dream

To me none of this is real
In a moment you can be snatched
Drifting off back into that space
Between life and death
Where the soul meets this experience
And your old self is cleared

Which is why I live how I do
I don’t see the point in holding back
We honestly don’t know what any of this is
So why not jump
Far and wide
Seeing how far your presence can reach

Since we are one I feel as if
Our purpose is to be a light
Healing as we move
A vision When weather gets too dark
And the world is starting to dim
I’ll be a shoulder
Creating stability

Where you may have lost your feet
The light in our hearts
To help to whoever may need

None of this makes sense
My mind drives a mile a minute
And sometimes I can’t keep up
This dream has me caught I’m hoping to wake up better

Better than I was before