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The Sad Girl

by Maya Hersh


The sad girl

sits in her own mess,

and reads nonsense.

Outside, the sun shines and the birds chirp


She thinks about wings,

and their increased potential for falling.


Inside, the air is still

and full of other people’s noise.

The bookcase is crooked, and read through

too many times to offer

real companionship.

The cat is asleep.

She remains so stubbornly, no matter how many times

the sad girl

tries to wake her up.


The clock turns itself around

too quickly.

Everything is ending.

The sad girl used to think entropy was beautiful,

but now she understands it better.


The floor is hot lava but the couch

is safe.

The shower is safe, but only if she closes her eyes

the whole time.

She does that a lot these days.

There is no solace in the dark, but still

she keeps going back.

The sad girl used to hurt herself

but now she is too tired.

She thinks about gravity, and its potential

for smashing,

listens to silence,

turns another page without reading it.